Kline - Greek Couch in Wood by Mark Harman


A large wooden bed as used by the ancient Greeks for symposia and drinking parties. The design taken from a fresco in the "Tomb of the Diver" Circa 475 B.C. Archaeological Museum, Paestum, Italy.

Standing on four large turned wooden legs, the frame housing woven leather Mattress-support. The whole finished in burnished and oiled black casein.

Length: 2035mm

Height (rails): 780mm, Height (headrest): 980mm

Width: 980mm

The assumption that this couch, due to the absence of any size references in the images, is of modern proportions is quite mistaken.

My intention, as you can gain from the written dimensions, was to create an uncompromising design of an ancient Greek Kline of the type represented on attic vases of the 4th Century and later.

Its height is, of course, unconventional in the modern context, and serves primarily to indulge in the decadent novelty of reclining at such height.
Modelled on original Greek representations, artefacts, relics and vase paintings, Mark Harman designs representative fine valuable furniture inspired by G.M.A Richter, T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, Emmanuel Pontremoli (Kerylos) & Theodore Reinach.
Trapeza (Greek banqueting table) ~ Kline (Greek bed/couch) ~ Diphros/Diphroi (Greek stool/s).
Images © 2011 Mark Harman